Newsletter April 2017

To the BEST Friends and Customers ever. Once again it is time for changes in Fabrications in Fabric. In July of 2016 I closed my store front shop forever. ( I think ) I continue to work with fabrics as my desires continue to serve my community here in Rochester MN and surroundings areas. The Threads of Life always have twists and turns creating character as time takes us on our journey.
I want to thank you for being a strong creative force in my life and for allowing me to fill some of your space with my creations. Thank you for allowing me to be your friend along the way. I want to continue being available to meet some creative means in your life. Though I have now chosen a different venue to express my desire to serve. I want to bring my friends along with me as I begin this new venture.
I will continue to do interior décor and alterations as your need arises.
Now I may have to leave the guys out for a bit, but know this is for you guys also as you see that Special Lady looking and feeling awesome in the clothing she wears.
I want to introduce you to Ladies Ruby Ribbon Shapewear. It is a Three-part product line to build your wardrobe (see once again I am building, just lighter materials)
SHAPEWEAR: it is your new must have foundation wear. Its comfortable, it stays in place, and it may even replace your bra. We at Ruby Ribbon believe that confidence on the inside leads to beauty on the outside.
ESSENTIALS with INTOMI: our Essentials are the 20% of your wardrobe you will wear 80% of the time. When its’s Ruby Ribbon it’s built with Intomi, our exclusive technology that slims, smooths and creates the perfect fit.
FASHION LAYERS: Complete your look with our Fashion Layers, these on-trend, seasonal pieces will add a stylish flourish to your outfit.
Ruby Ribbon is the BEST Shapewear ever its SMART with its variable compression as it works with not against a woman’s body, strategically cinching in and out in all the right places. Its POWERFUL as our invisible gripper edge means your Ruby Ribbon Shapewear will stay put all day. Its hugging abilities help you say bye bye bra, to many wearers.
Whether it is for Bridal fittings or personal fittings I am available, as always. It would be great fun to have you Host a in Home Party or Trunk show. Allow me to show you how easy it is to get 60% off on a item of your choice while having fun with your friends. To busy for a show you can order any time you like through me. Thank you

Your Ruby Ribbon Stylist
Barbara Ferguson


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